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07 July 2011 @ 07:21 pm

He is leaving.
I’m letting him go.
Without holding him back,
Without dropping a tear
I’m letting him go.

All the romance is dead.
It’s now an extravagant memory.
If I cry just once
And hurt just once,
Everything will be over.

Don’t say you know me,
The me that you knew is no more.
In the suffocating darkness,
I’m already familiar with this hurt.
I’ve already found my happiness again.

Forget about me, please.
Don’t wake me up who is sleeping,
Before the night is over,
If I open my eyes
Would I be able to sleep?

The words I hate more than dying,
The childish words I couldn’t convey:
To come back
To love me
To embrace me again,
Don’t expect any of that from me, really.
I’m not that kind of woman.
I’m still pretty
And lovable.
And I’m very happy now.

Song Translation Credits to Jae Joongie of Soompi! After her Mature, this. She's now officially my most favorite Korean singer. And she's still in the Philippines!
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